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How does your pricing work?
Pricing is based on several variables and therefor will vary depending on the type of photography you are requesting. Some of these variables are taxes (if required by state law, maintenance of equipment, battery usage, transportation cost, time in pre-production planning, time of production, time of post-processing (varies based on amount needed dependent upon project), end usage, location fees, printing costs, fair market rates just to name a few. Another variable designed for your convenience is that our portrait packages are flexible and can be customized to fit your needs. For a detailed price list of the particular service you are seeking, please see the pricing pages listed in the sub-menu of the navigation bar to the left. You may also find our privacy policy in the sub-menu as well.
What are your payment policies?
Payments may be made with cash, credit or through PayPal. We no longer accept checks for payment. We also require a non-refundable booking fee equaling 50% of the total price, and date and time reservation will be entered into our calendar upon receipt. At which time your session will be considered booked and finalized. The remaining amount will be due at the end of the session that day. This policy was implemented to ensure for both parties the work is completed in a timely fashion.
What are your cancellation and rescheduling policies?
Cancellations need to be made based on the type of work you are requesting. Generally, portrait and real estate work will require a 7 day notice, Video Production and Weddings will require a 14 day notice as there are external assets that will also need notification and in emergency cases (such as a hospitalization due to health or accident reasons, death or unexpected delivery of a child, military deployment, unexpected sudden business travel that can be verified) the session can be rescheduled if possible at no additional cost. In the case of emergency cancellations 25% of the booking fee will be refunded upon verification of the emergency. No refund will be provided without verification of the emergency. In the event proper notification of reschedules or cancellations are not received, there will be an additional 20% of the the total fee assessed to the final payment. This is to cover additional expenses that will be incurred from last minute cancellations and reschedules not involving emergency situations.
What happens if something goes wrong during the session?
Generally this doesn't happen, but it can. Mother nature doesn't always cooperate with outdoor sessions. We will make every fair and possible effort to reschedule the session at no additional cost, if circumstances outside of our (the client and SDD staff) control create a situation in which a reschedule must occur. If an additional session is required due to our (SDD Staff) fault, which is a rarity, we will schedule or reschedule the session at no additional cost as well. This does not mean that we will reschedule if the client is late for the session, or the session must be rescheduled due to controllable circumstances. In this instance an additional 50% of the total price will be assessed to the final cost to cover for the extra expenses and time involved.

sUAV Operations

Are you certified for commercial operations?
Yes. Under part 107 of the FAA Regulations regarding sUAV operations, at least one person involved with the operation must be a certified Remote Pilot in Command. Charles Sutton is our RPIC. We have other sUAV operators we work with that are also certified under part 107.
Are you insured?
Sutton Digital Design LLC carries the standard business liability insurance provided by Hiscox with additional equipment coverage.
How much do you charge for aerial photography/video?
That depends on the operation and what is required for each flight. There are many things that must be taken into consideration and each operation needs to be thoroughly planned out and logged to comply with FAA regulations. For more information about your specific needs, please, contact us for a free consultation.
What sUAV's do you use?
Sutton Digital Design LLC currently owns the Phantom 3 Professional with 4k camera. We have access to, and work with other sUAV's through various contractors and friends. Depending on the requirements of your project, we can pull from a variety of operators and equipment to best suit your situation.
Will you operate during less than ideal weather conditions?
Sutton Digital Design LLC will not operate an sUAV during foggy conditions, or within 2 hours of severe weather. If we are currently involved in an operation and sever weather surfaces within 2 hours of the operation, we will stop the operation and wait for the weather conditions to change. We will not fly in the rain or during the typical Florida Summer time showers. We will also not fly if the wind conditions are prohibitive. Meaning if winds are in excess of 15mph, we will not operate any of the sUAV's we have access too. We will also not fly in areas where the FAA has issued Temporary flight restrictions.
What operations are waivers needed for?
1: Flights entering controlled airspace. This generally means the area within a 5 mile radius of a towered airport. 2: If the operation requires flight above 400ft AGL and is not within 400ft of a structure or tower. 3: If the operation requires flying over people not involved with the operation. Such as obtaining aerial footage of the Art Walk Event in downtown Jacksonville, or a High School Football game. 4: If the operation requires the operator of the sUAV to do so from a moving platform such as a motor vehicle, boat, or other aircraft. 5: If the operation requires flight beyond the allotted daytime flying restrictions, 30 minutes prior to dawn, and 30 minutes after sunset. These are the most common situations in which a waiver would be required from the FAA. Currently waivers are taking 90 days to be approved. The need for a waiver will be determined during your free consultation with us and we will inform at that time what is needed for the specific waiver for the operation, and how long it will take to obtain that waiver.

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